Production Technology of Stone Fruits

Production Technology of Stone Fruits


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Globally stone fruits are emerging in the market due to the increased consumer’s desire for health-promoting foods. Stone fruits attract research attention, mainly due to the cultural and commercial aspects of the array of varieties that are grown. Being grown in wide range of environments, it is very important to understand what factors influence the production and quality attributes of stone fruits.

There is a lack of systematic scientific information on strategic approach for production technologies of such fruits. This book will be first of its kind focusing on technological aspects of stone fruits especially on latest developments in present day horticulture.

It will be an essential reference for professionals including academicians, scholars, researchers and industries working in the said area. The editors hope that readers will find this book a useful resource for their research or studies, and it will be helpful in the development of high quality stone fruits in future which will improve the economic and social life of people.

Besides, this book fulfills the needs of a number of horticultural courses of Universities and will serving as a pomological manual for all occasions.

Varietal Diversification of Stone Fruits
Ali Gharaghani, Sahar Solhjoo

Nutrient Management in Stone Fruits
Shabnam Ahad, Mohammad Maqbool Mir, Umar Iqbal, Gh. Hassan Rather, M. U. Rehman, Shamim A. Simnani et al.

Pollination Management in Stone Fruit Crops
Sara Herrera, Jorge Lora, José Iñaki Hormaza, Javier Rodrigo

Canopy Management in Stone Fruits
Rifat Bhat, K. M. Bhat, Sharbat Hussain, M. Maqbool Mir, Umar Iqbal, Mehvish Bashir

Rootstocks of Stone Fruit Crops
Amit Kumar, Jagdeesh Prasad Rathore, Umar Iqbal, Anil Sharma, Pawan K. Nagar, Mohammad Maqbool Mir

Irrigation Management in Stone Fruits
Amit Kumar, Pramod Verma, M. K. Sharma

Physiological Disorders in Stone Fruits
A. Raouf Malik, R. H. S. Raja, Rehana Javaid

Orchard Factors Affecting Postharvest Quality of Stone Fruits
Kalpana Choudhary, Nirmal Kumar Meena, Uma Prajapati

Nutritional Composition of Stone Fruits
Nirmal Kumar Meena, Kalpana Choudhary, Narender Negi, Vijay Singh Meena, Vaishali Gupta

Chemical Treatments for Shelf Life Enhancement of Stone Fruits
Satyabrata Pradhan, Ipsita Panigrahi, Sunil Kumar, Naveen Kumar Maurya

Packaging and Storage of Stone Fruits
K. Rama Krishna, J. Smruthi, S. Manivannan

Hi-Tech Stone Fruit Industry, Issues, and Approaches
Mohammad Maqbool Mir, T. Angmo, Umar Iqbal, Gh. Hassan Rather, M. U. Rehman, Rifat Bhat et al.

Growth and Supply Chain of Stone Fruits in the World: An Indian Outlook
S. H. Baba

Diseases of Stone Fruit Crops
N. A. Khan, Z. A. Bhat, M. A. Bhat

Integrated Pest Management of Stone Fruits
Bashir Ahmad Rather, M. Maqbool Mir, Umar Iqbal, Shabir Ahmad Mir

Nematodes Associated with Stone Fruits and Their Management Strategies
Tarique Hassan Askary, Mudasir Gani, Abdul Rouf Wani

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