Ehlbeck, Jörg

Ehlbeck, Jörg

Head of the department Plasma Bio Engineering of the INP

Jörg Ehlbeck,, is with the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology e.V. (INP Greifswald) since 1996. At present he works as the head of the department Plasma Bio Engineering of the INP.

Jörg Ehlbeck was born in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 1963. He received the physicist diploma from the Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf, Germany, in 1988 and the Doctoral Degree of experimental physics in 1993 from the same university.

His current research interests are focused on plasma decontamination, plasma food and packaging processing. An additional focus is the application of high frequency technologies for plasma sources and diagnostics. Also laser spectroscopy and the development of new diagnostic approaches as e.g. the development of AOM laser absorption systems are of special interest.

Scientific activities: 56 papers in reviewed scientific journals 5 contributions to monographs, 7 patents, acquisition and management of 6 projects of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), 3 projects of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and 5 projects of the Federal Ministry for Ecomomic Affairs and Energy, acquisition and management of bilateral projects and projects with industrial participation e.g. on topics of low-pressure lamps and high frequency applications, consultant of the permanent Senate Commission on Food Safety of the DFG for an expert opinion on plasma food treatmen / .pdf file , Molecular Nutrition & Food Research 57, 920-927 (2013), 2005 venturesail award research team 3. place, 2007 venturesail award founder team 1. place, 2013 unique award research team


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