Fefelova, Ekaterina

Fefelova, Ekaterina

Easyfresh Network Coordinator


Ekaterina Fefelova has an University degree in Social and Cultural Service and Tourism and is Master in Business Administration / Easyfresh Network Coordinator.


Born in distant Sakhalin Island in the Russian Far East, Ekaterina Fefelova decided years ago to complete her studies in Europe. Ekaterina has a university degree  in Social Cultural Service and Tourism in SGU (Russia) and a Master degree in Business Administration in VFU (Bulgaria).

Currently Ekaterina is based in Easyfresh head office (Valencia, Spain) fulfilling the role of “Easyfresh Global Network Coordinator”. Together with the help of Easyfresh team Ekaterina presented the book “Reefer Shipping & Logistics”, where you can find the history, trends and details of the shipping of perishable goods. The book was presented in Plymouth University in June 2018 by Rafael Llerena, CEO Easyfresh.

Easyfresh are the world’s only global, neutral & dedicated reefer logistics suppliers.

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