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Brochure Pac Life for blueberries

Brochure Pac Life for blueberries

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The technology of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) assets Pac Life, has allowed exporters give a postharvest tool, safe and efficient, in the conservation and transport of Chilean blueberries to far markets.

In front of the current problems of some blueberry varieties that have had recurrent problems in their arrival condition to Asia and the high variability and instability of gases that have other MAP packaging of the market.

Life Pac applied engineering in polymers to their packaging, modifying and increasing permeability by incorporating inorganic and synthetic additives (ZEOLITE) to their blades, thus achieving a "selective membrane" with greater ability to adapt to the requirements of blueberries, according status of maturity and storage temperature.

The brochure shows the excellent results in the export of Blueberries variety Elliot packed in containers Pac Life sent from Chile to China.

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