AGRICOAT NATURESEAL LTD., fabrica recubrimientos comestibles de dos tipos: Semperfresh, para melones tipo Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Galia y Piel de Sapo, piña, manzanas, peras, papaya, zanahoria, apio, etc. y NatureSeal para la IV gama.


Productos / servicios

AGRICOAT NATURESEAL fabrica dos tipos de recubrimientos comestibles: Semperfresh, el cual se utiliza par todo tipo de frutas y hortalizas y Natureseal que se utiliza para la IV gama. También fabrican un producto para el lavado que reemplaza al cloro, NatureSeal FS.


AGRICOAT NATURESEAL offers formulas for processors, grocery / retail, and foodservice.

Processor formulas include Pre-Washes, Fresh-Cut Formulas, Fresh Frozen Formulas, and Dehydration Formulas.
NatureSeal also works with Equipment Manufaccturers.

Products include coatings for the post harvest protection of melons Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Galia y Piel de Sapo, ananas; coatings for pome fruits (apples and pears), papaya, etc. Edible coatings for apple, pear, carrot, celery, etc., and minimally processed or ready to eat products products. Also for red beet, parsnip, yam, etc.


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