• SIAL Paris, 2018

    SIAL Paris, 2018

    The world's largest food innovation exhibition.

    On the lookout for inspiration, your sial paris market
    Discover products from all over the world, the latest culinary trends, attend… Leer más

  • Annual Biocontrol Industrial Meeting 2018

    Annual Biocontrol Industrial Meeting 2018

    As an unrivalled meeting place for the biocontrol industry, ABIM is internationally recognised as the venue at which to discover and unveil new products, to discuss market opportunities, to present… Leer más

  • II International Symposium on Beverage Crops

    II International Symposium on Beverage Crops

    Global beverage sales are estimated at >2 trillion litres per year. Beverages and beverage crops have a massive impact on our world population in terms of employment, income, nutrition and… Leer más

  • Trienial Symposium of ISTRC 2018

    Trienial Symposium of ISTRC 2018

    When, Where and How will Tropical Root and Tuber Crops Lead the Next Agri-Food Revolution. Strategies need to be developed to address the challenges to determine “When Where and How Root and Tuber… Leer más

  • Fruit Attraction

    Fruit Attraction

    Fruit Attraction 2018, en su 10º aniversario, cambia sus días de celebración de martes a jueves, en lugar de miércoles a viernes como viene siendo habitual, con el objetivo fundamental de ampliar… Leer más

  • Biofruit Congress 2018

    Biofruit Congress 2018

    El primer congreso europeo sobre frutas y verduras orgánicas, BIOFRUIT CONGRESS, organizado por Eurofresh Distribution y Fruit Attraction, se celebrará en el marco del ORGANIC HUB… Leer más

  • National Fruit Show 2018

    National Fruit Show 2018

    Dedicated to showcasing the best of British fruit for over 80 years, the National Fruit Show is going from strength to strength. Our 2017 event was a huge success with the industry concentrating on… Leer más

  • Watec Italy 2018

    Watec Italy 2018

    The future of water management is a challenge that the water industry has to face, with international competence and innovative technologies, to provide concrete and sustainable solutions.
    We… Leer más

  • 33º Congreso Aecoc de Gran Consumo

    33º Congreso Aecoc de Gran Consumo

    Érase una vez, en un lugar no muy lejano, un Congreso que reunía a más de 1.000 altos directivos de la industria y la distribución.

    El encuentro ofrecía la oportunidad de intercambiar… Leer más

  • FoodAgro Tanzania

    FoodAgro Tanzania

    Annual Food, Hotel, & Agriculture Exhibition

    The exhibition attracts exhibitors from more than 20 countries and visitors from all over East & Central Africa, thus giving exhibitors… Leer más

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